Patriot: Jones, Edward (2, p.182)(4)(6)

SAR #: Not found

DAR #: A062069


Date: May 18,1735 (6) May 8, 1737 (4)(N)

Location: Prince Georges Co. MD (4)(6)


Date: July 22, 1761 (4)

Spouse: Sarah Mary White (4)(6)


Children: Benjamin White, Henry, Richard, Abraham, Edward, Walter, William White, Sarah Burkett, Joseph James Wilkerson, Elizabeth, Jacob, Horatio, Judson

Support for American Revolution

Military Service: Private 6th Co. Middle Bn. Militia Aug. 1777; July 15, 1780. (2)(N)

Public Service:

Civilian Aid:

Oath of Allegiance: March 2, 1778 before Hon. Aneas Campbell (2)(6)

Residency: Sugarloaf MC (2)(6) Dickerson (4)


Date: Nov. 25, 1790 (4)(6)(N)

Cemetery: Monocacy Cemetery, Beallsville. Plot: Row D Lot 12 Lower Site 2. (3)(4)(N)

Find-A-Grave #: 65061883 (4)

Headstone GPS Coordinates: N39.1804; W77.4153

Marked: Marker with SAR emblem installed 2014 by Monocacy Cemetery.

Notes: The Jones family graves were removed from their farm cemetery in Dickerson and brought to Monacacy Cemetery in 1895. There is no headstone for this grave. (4) The grave location is known by reference to the cemetery card (courtesy of Glenn Wallace ). The military service record, 5/8/1737 birth date, and 11/25/1790 death date also cited by Carol Cummings, DAR Janet Montgomery Chapter, in her Sept. 8, 2013 e-mail.

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Source Information Codes

(1) MDSSAR Patriot Index (no longer active)

(2) "Revolutionary Patriots of Montgomery County, Maryland 1776-1783" by Henry C. Peden, Jr.

(3) Montgomery County Cemetery Inventory

(4) Find A Grave

(5) NSSAR Patriot Research System

(6) NSDAR Genealogical Research System

(N) See Notes section of record for additional information about this field.

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