Patriot: Griffiths, Philemon (2, p.138)(4)(5)(6)(N)

SAR #: P-170843 (5)

DAR #: A048394 (6)


Date: 1756 (5) Aug. 29, 1756 (2)(4)(6)

Location: Frederick Co. MD (6)



Spouse: Eleanor Jacobs (5)(6) Elinor Jacobs (2)


Children: Sarah Ann, Ruth Hammond, Mary Eleanor, Lemuel (6)

Support for American Revolution

Military Service: Major. (4)(5) Lt., Capt. Price’s Rifle Company. Capt. and Major under Col. Hugh Stephenson and Col. Rawlings. (6) Captain of Rifles at Fort Washington. (2)(4)

Public Service:

Civilian Aid:

Oath of Allegiance:

Residency: Frederick Co. MD (6)


Date: 1838 (5) April 29, 1838 (2)(4)(6)

Cemetery: Laytonsville United Methodist Cemetery, Laytonsville (2)(3)(4)(5)(N)

Find-A-Grave #: 40701146 (4)

Headstone GPS Coordinates:


Notes: Surname spelled Griffith in DAR records, Peden, and Find A Grave. Pension S8617. (6) Buried in Laytonsville United Methodist Cemetery in Laytonsville, aka St. Paul Methodist Cemetery. (4) Cemetery location listed in DAR Magazine Vol. 51 #4 Oct. 1917 p. 205.

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Source Information Codes

(1) MDSSAR Patriot Index (no longer active)

(2) "Revolutionary Patriots of Montgomery County, Maryland 1776-1783" by Henry C. Peden, Jr.

(3) Montgomery County Cemetery Inventory

(4) Find A Grave

(5) NSSAR Patriot Research System

(6) NSDAR Genealogical Research System

(N) See Notes section of record for additional information about this field.

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