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Patriot: Crabb, Jeremiah (2, p.78)(4)(5)(6)
SAR #: P-140114 (5)
DAR #: A027130 (6)

Date: 1760. (2)(4)(5)(6)
Location: Prince Georges Co Maryland (6)

Spouse: Elizabeth Ridgely Griffith (2)(4)(5)(6)
Children: Charles Henry, Richard, Elizabeth Ridgely, Sarah Griffith, Ann Snowden, Matilda, Emeline and Lydia Ridgely

Support for American Revolution
Military Service: 2nd Lt, 7th Co. 4th Bn. Regulars, 1776-1778. (2)(6) 2nd lieutenant in the First Maryland Regiment (4) Promoted to 1st lieutenant on December 15, 1777. (4)(5) Brigadier General, Maryland Militia, 1794-1800. (2)
Public Service: Served in the Lower House of Montgomery County, 1788-1793. (2) Associate Judge, 5th District Court, 1791-1792. (2) Elected to the US Congress representing Maryland's 3rd District, serving from March 4, 1795, until resigning in 1796. (4)
Civilian Aid:
Oath of Allegiance:
Residency: Prince Georges Co Maryland (6)

Date: February 10, 1800. (2) February 19, 1800. (4) 1800. (5)(6)
Cemetery: Farm of Walter M. Mobley Cemetery, Derwood. Plot unknown. (5) Crabb Family Cemetery, Rockville (2)(3)(4)(N)
Find-A-Grave #: 10750578(4)
Headstone GPS Coordinates:
Marked: By SAR Gen. William Smallwood Chapter, date unknown and by DAR Janet Montgomery Chapter, 1922. Re-marking ceremony held in the early 1990s by Gen. William Smallwood Chapter and DAR Janet Montgomery Chapter. (N)

Notes: General George Washington noted Lieutenant Crabb's service and recommended his promotion to General. (4) This cemetery is located at the NE corner of Derwood Road and Indianola Drive. Grave marking details from Dottie Brault per April 22, 2013 email, Carol Cummings per Sept. 8, 2013 list of Mont. Co. Patriots, and Charles Wells per Dec. 7, 2013 email. Cemetery location listed in DAR Magazine Vol. 51 #4 Oct. 1917 p. 205.

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