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Patriot: Brooke, Richard (2, p.40)(4)(5)(6)
SAR #: P-121755 (5)
DAR #: A014921 (6)

Date: July 8, 1736 (4)(6)

Date: 1758 (N)
Spouse: Jane Lynn (5)(6)
Children: Roger and Ann (N)

Support for American Revolution
Military Service: Served as Captain, 8th Co., Middle Bn., Militia, and First Major, 29th Bn., and Colonel, Middle Bn. 1776-1778. (2)(4)(5)(6)
Public Service: Conventions, Frederick County, 1st, 1774, 2nd-3rd, 1774, 4th, 1775, 5th, 1775. Committee of Observation, Frederick County, elected 1775; commissioner of tax, Montgomery County, 1777-at least 1779, 1782-at least 1785; purchasing agent, Montgomery County, commissioned 1779. (N)
Civilian Aid:
Oath of Allegiance: Feb. 28, 1778 before the Hon. Joseph Wilson (2)
Residency: Upper part of Newfoundland MC, in 1777. (2) Fair Hill Brookeville, Montgomery County, Maryland. (6)

Date: May 2, 1788. (2)(4)(6)
Cemetery: Brooke Family Cemetery, 18140 Laytonsville-Olney Road, Olney, MD. (3)(N)
Find-A-Grave #: 114009646 (4)
Headstone GPS Coordinates:
Marked: By DAR Janet Montgomery Chapter, date unknown (N)

Notes: Buried at his home Fair Hill Manor on quarter acre burial plot on Sandy Spring Rd. (4). Family cemetery owned by C F Kirk. (5) Cemetery built over by Olney Village shopping center. Was located behind Shoppers Food Warehouse. Fair Hill Manor burned in 1977. Grave marker was missing, located and returned, now at Sandy Spring Museum. (3) Data source on marriage, children and public service: Edward C. Papenfuse, et al., eds. A Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, 1635-1789. Vol. I. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1979, p. 170. Read additional biographical information. Grave marking details from Dottie Brault per Sept. 20, 2013 e-mail from Eileen McGuckian. Cemetery location listed in DAR Magazine Vol. 51 #4 Oct. 1917 p. 205.

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